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I call them Budi and Ani, i know that's not a creative name such a thinker, so i like to make it fast name of Indonesian like them.
Title: Daydreaming

in this sketch, there are my friends in high school. First time we met at school shuttle, we were from different junior high school and play together of all odds
Title: CJ7

This is my boyfriend, i tried to make a sketch of him with his everyday style, vintage.
Title: Vintage man

me and my boyfriend felt this memorable kisses
Title: This Kiss ❤

Sometimes i'd like to drew myself just for fun, but actually i'm scared to drawing other things because fear of the bad results. To satisfy myself and make the spirit of drawing, first time i have to drew myself.
Title: Thinker

That's what i really like to do when i met my boyfriend is hugging him firmly ❤
Title: Warming Hug

This picture to commemorated the tragedy of Ritz Carlton bombing in Jakarta. The tragedy made one of world football team canceled their visit. Make ☮ not war! kcuf terorist
Titled: Keep Playing

like i said before, drawing myself ☺ 

The Side effect, sorry boy it's not really seems like you ☹
i'll keep trying later ❤
Titled: Hey Boy

Title: Sleep Tight

n.b. pardon for my bad results, until now i'm still learning how to be a good artist. wish me luck on keep trying
good luck guys ☺

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