Cartoon Legend

These guys are making me crazy to their creature really proud of them, their works will never die until doomsday. Many various of awards they have won from their cartoon, they are Hanna-Barbera, some people only know that name from the company was originally formed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer well as known MGM.

Joseph Barbera - William Hanna

I never bored watching this cartoon films and always laughing even though already know the story, there are:

Wacky Races
Magilla Gorilla
Top Cat
Wally Gator
Josie and the Pussycats

The last but not least is my favourite, everyday i always watching it
Tom and Jerry Show

and so many many many of their works, sorry i can't explain it one by one :)
I also really like the works of Chuck Jones, he also created Tom and Jerry in 1963.

It's amazing in that century could create awesome cartoon films like them. I hope today can be born again people like them. i miss you guys
You may rest in peace at beautiful place of many creature :')

Updated 14/08/2011

Another amazing one is Mr. Walt Disney with many creature that he made to entertain everyone, kids and adults. From nothing to something, with his little mice mickey and minnie are together to build a dream and made it real.

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