August Rise Project

Today, i had nothing to do in my house all alone, i decided to continue the song that i had made before. The song is still untitled and haven't no lyrics yet, while waiting for the drummer recording then we'll think for the title and the lyrics. Inside the song, i played electric piano, xylophone, and flute. The song must be done for the compilation with our colleagues. 

The history of August Rise,
maybe it sounds like August Rush, the popular movie tells kid who have excess in music. No, i didn't get to copy the name. This is the project between me and my boyfriend, we fell in love since we didn't know each other. Through several approaches finally we have tied the know in August 24th, so we took that month to our name. Rise means come from a lower position to a higher one, Rise came from our name Astari and Seno then we make it short become Rise. We're inspired from the couple band like The White Stripes, The Bird and the Bee, The Carpenters, She and Him, and Beach House. Also our local duet band like Endah n Rhesa, Santamonica, and Funny Little Dream. So precious

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