Brand New Shoe

Last week i went to the market called Passer Baroe in Central Jakarta, this market for shoes and also fabrics. This market has existed since 1820 which was inaugurated by Daendels. 
That's the short history of the market.

I went there to accompanied my boyfriend to buy a pair of shoes for riding BMX, it's a very long journey i've taken with him by public busway from south 'till central even almost north. For hours we rounded the market nothing appealed to him. Instead i bought a new shoes from local brand called Tomkins, well actually the design a little bit the same with one of Reebok shoes that i've already seen many months ago i really love it but however i don't have much money to buy.

First time i saw the shoes very eye catching in many colors there, i call it 90's sneakers because when i was a kid i bought the similar shoes in Perth but with different brand, design, color, even size, lol. So i can have it as well as i could have a new Dr. Martens two years ago because i already have it when i was a kid too.

Then I realize that the world of fashion only circle back to ancient times :/

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