Toys Story 3

It's been year ago but i do really love these movies called "Toys Story". First time released in 1995 exactly when i was a kid, my daddy has bought me a betamax video of Toys Story 1. It seems real because telling child's life playing their toys at home. I used to have Toys Story from SEGA, similar to the film.

When Toys Story 2 released, i neither watch it in cinema nor on video. I just watched it few years ago on Disney Channel.

On the third sequel tells which owner of the toys, Andy are already grown up and would go to college where he should left his lovely toys. I have already watching it twice, first time i watched in cinema with my boyfriend. And the second time i had the copy from my friend. And... i also cried for twice too at the end of story :"((
Here's the scene that made me cry

The time when his mom hugs for the last

Woody saw the pictures of Lil' Andy and his toys

aah i can't see this anymore!! :((



Andy played with Woody for the last time

Bonnie and her toys waved on Andy
Wow look!! There's Totoro on the left

At the end i would love to say Pixars are amazing !! thanks for the greatest movie i've ever seen.

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