Hashi The Woody

My favourite subject in uni where i learned about making, redesigning, knowing material for packaging, in other words we are talking about merchandising. It's so fantastic because finally i learned about this, i do love product design at the first time before i went to visual communication design.

This is my final project of this subject and collected on final exam, making chopstick packaging. Colors of the packaging use natural color because the chopsticks are made from wood, so it must be adjusted. I named it Hashi because Hashi was taken from Japanese language means chopstick. This is the couple edition like the concept is harmony in relationship, dark red color symbolizes the traditional but has a strong character.

This is illustrated on the character of chopsticks are strong and not easily broken, besides the red color is very expressive and dynamic in presenting the love and life. The red is associated to something appetizing.

Dark green symbolizes the traditional colors and natural.
The green color has a harmonious nature and very appropriate to reflect the freshness and relaxation. It is also synonymous with luck and prosperitythe result is very satisfying according my target, not in vain i did it in two days, beautiful.

box: lightweight hardboard wrapped by sticker
inside: foam wrapped by velvet
chopstick: made from wood by Ace Hardware

photographed by: Seno Maulana Adha

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