Random Nite

Two weeks ago me and my friends had some random nite, don't know where are we going. And finally we decided to go to Kedai Cafe, this is recommended by sagittariusly Kenji. But it's wasn't expected from the quality of taste and services although i loved the ambience inside Kedai nice, warm, and friendly.

Me, Dinar, and Kenji ordered the same food that recommended by Kedai called "nasi panggang kebun" it is baked rice mixed with tuna, bacon, or shrimp and covered by cheese, after waiting soooo long first food came to dinar. Ok, we were still waiting, Ken. Long, long time waiting the second one was coming to Kenji (hey where's mine?) they seem wrong note, ok waiting for more than 30 minutes then the waitress came and said "sorry, we're ran out of cheese".

After that, i tried to tasted their food that "recommended". First tasted "nasi panggang kebun tuna" looks like a cat food and terrible taste. But for "nasi panggang kebun bacon" was tolerable although not so tasty. Overall not so worth it, whereas they should be able to give more than that.

the menu

Kenji and Dinar

my bf Seno

Amer and me

the bookshelf

snail glass


jar of sugar

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