Back Again

Hi! i'm just come back from my long journey and this time i'm starting to write this greeting. Happy holiday for all my college friends and don't forget to apply internship program.

Now i just started my work, actually this is internship program of my subject and i started this job on holiday to fill my everyday and increasing my experiences :)
So far, i'm enjoying this job so much relaxed but serious when you have to face every project.
I currently work as junior graphic designer in brand consulting at R&Hansel Associates A Design Firm, South Jakarta. I learned so much that i haven't know before from little even the big things, i feel stupid like a Pizza Planet Aliens when they have to say "You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful!". It's okay because practice makes perfect, just like having a new spirit when you have to meet new people there, in your work place. Good luck for you !

Experience is the teacher of all things
- Julius Caesar -

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