Feel So High

About two weeks ago i came to bookstore, the store only selling design and architecture books because i was searching graphic design book for my very last final assigment. I purposely walked slowly to the bookcase containing books of cartoons and animation switch from what i was looking for. 

SUDDENLY i shouted "OH MAAAAAN!! !@#$%^& Hanna-Barbera" (all the censorship words) and told my friends "i prefer this book than anything for final assignment", but what more can i do, the price of this book is very expensive even more expensive than a graphic design book i bought. Anyone who want to present me a gift for this book, or i will wait until 80% discount (stroking head).

And all i have to now is do my best for my final assignment, graduation, and get a job to buy this book (stone-head) :D

Hanna-Barbera Cartoons Book

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