Chili Beef

When i was in high school, my friend brought a delicious lunch in her box it is stir-fry beef cooked with  green paprika. I felt it is delicious side dish i've ever tasted on her lunch she ever brought, then i asked her about the recipe. Time goes by, i forgot that i have a little note she gave to me about that recipe accidentally i found it when i make up my bedroom aww thanks God! I guess it is a basic side dish that i would like to share.

Red onion, chopped
Garlic, chopped
Onion, chopped
Chili sauce
Brown sugar
Oyster sauce
Salt, to taste
Green paprika or green chili

*How to:
1. Red onion and garlic sauteed until brown then add onion and green paprika, saute the onion is wilted.
2. Add chili sauce, salt, and oyster sauce.
3. The last one put the beef inside the saute sauce, cook until spices permeate the meat.

Cook as much as you want, good luck! :)

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