Bali Boat Trip

Just two weeks to go i will go to Bali and celebrate my birthday there, having fun and new people. First i will visit Surabaya for 3,5 days after that i will fly to Bali right the night before my birthday, i hope it will be the unforgetable journey for single traveler meet new people as new friends would be nice to make a better connection. I just saw a tempting offer named Bali Boat Trip, what a trip program i called it having fun sailed with traditional cruises to other islands with clear water and colorful reefs, we can swim, dive, snorkel, jump, and anything else you want to do. By looking at this video makes me tempted and hardly can't wait for my single trip, wanna join anyone?


  1. astariiii :D blog mu sekarang yg ini yaaa linknya hoho *lg update" hoho. aaa seru bangeettt!!!selamat ya wisudanyaa dan selamat berkavakansi

    1. aww iya asha, abis ngerapihin link biar tetep satu nama ajah.. thank you asha :*