Let the story begin, in 2008 i went to private university in Jakarta, Indonesia. I choosed visual communication design as my subject, i was desperate to get majoring in architecture, a bit sounds similar i guess. I was afraid cannot to follow the course given and slightly slumped, kept fighting hard eventhough the score wasn't too satisfactory. Slow but sure, i have through the hard begining smoothly because i know it was just the begining and in the next semester would be harder and tougher.

I met new friends there from different schools even different cities, they're really nice, helpful, and fun. Tears and joy always happened for four years, 'til finally we were able to through all of them until the fourth year. No matter how hard it was but we enjoyed it sleepless night and bleed though :P

I'm really happy to have all of my college friends, its pleasant than high school obviously. Congratulations guys, girls, we deserved it as S.Sn (Bachelor of Arts).
Tomorrow will be tougher than yesterday.

photo by Niscaya Puri

photo by Setiady Ranu

photo by Gusthy Salam

photo by Andhini Yuriza

photo by my shaky hand :P


Graduation - Vitamin C

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