Little Escape Part.1: Here We Go, Baby!

It's been couple months i've planned to make a little escape right on my birthday, first i was thinking to watched Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) live in Surabaya, East Java, accidentally i have a cousin who works and lives there. Then i told her that i wanted to visit Surabaya and watched MLTR with little escape "again" to Bali (:

December 2nd, 2012
My mom asked me in a rush to packed my bag because she wanted to see what would i bring, i wasn't excited to packed my bag two days before i leave, and ok i've packed in patch-up for two days :b

December 3rd, 2012
Oh no! i got freaked out and became excited it was Day -01 but i haven't done my bag, i used to bring one Jansport®'s Super Break for nine days trip 
(are you insane?!)

December 4th, 2012
It was the day!! Suddenly my mom woke me up and saw what would i bring on nine days trip then she said "are you insane?! this is not enough for 9 days, i guarantee you'll bring some souvenirs there". OK! i was thinking too much, damn what have i done? Until 30 minutes before i leave, i've change my bag in a rush into the way much bigger backpack with two wheels. Done! Because i was in a rush, i wasn't thinking to organize my stuff inside and the backpack became build up and about to explode from chaotic stuff :b

My dad was taking me to the bus terminal to get the airport's bus, it's time to relax in the bus until i've reached the airport. Checked-in stuff all done and all i have to do is waiting, and i got bad news that the flight was delayed for one hour, i don't know how to expressed my mood on that time. One hour is over, it's time to board the plane. The weather wasn't good enough in Jakarta because it was like raining hard everyday, so i got many times of turbulence on the flight worst than the roller coaster :|

Finally i've reached safely in Surabaya, East Java (thank God i'm alive!) Because it was the first time of raining hard in Surabaya, my cousin came late to picked me up at the airport from terrible traffic jam but so far i've enjoyed my first day trip beside of waiting :) live your life and always grateful

Arrived at the boarding house and have some rest for a while. Then they took me to Surabaya Town Square or known as Sutos it's the same management with Cilandak Town Square in Jakarta, sight seeing and dinner there was nice :) It's December, Santa is about coming to town, there's unique christmas tree i've seen in my life glowing and colorful. I'm so excited to see that chirstmas tree and took some photos there, ho ho ho.

After took some photos, we were going to foodcourt that sells indonesian food, i choosed to eat some food that i haven't tried in Jakarta. Lontong kikil was the good idea, beside i haven't tried that one. Kikil is cow foot served with lontong, lontong is a dish made of compressed rice cake in the form of a cylinder wrapped inside a banana leaf. Maybe it sounds weird and disgusting for you, someday you have to try it just a little (:

It looks chaotic but indeed yummy

The other one, actually i forgot the name it's like porridge or known as "Bubur Sumsum" that made from rice flour boiled with coconut milk and served with palm or brown sugar as sauce, but there are many things below bubur sumsum for the examples black rice porridge, candil, cassava, henna plant, etc. Tasted unique but again it's delicious because it is javanese's favourite traditional snacks.

Oh no that was MLTR concert in Surabaya on that day and i missed it ): It was ok because my trip also worthy without it. Then we left Sutos and have a look around Surabaya city especially "Singapore of Surabaya" by Ciputra. Unfortunately i didn't take any photos there because i only used smartphone and the battery was dead, indeed i hate to lose every single moment without camera. Then i have to visit Surabaya one more time someday and sure i have to buy a camera before that.

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