Little Escape Part.2: Highlander

December 5th, 2012
Wake up sleepyhead!
I have to woke up early because we were going to Malang city is a highland and still in East Java about 91 kilometers from Surabaya city. The weather is cool from the highland, the most popular in Malang are Malang's Apple and Bakwan Malang. Malang's apple is green colored and tasted sweet but unfortunately i haven't tried that apple, actually i forgot haven't i tried when i was a kid.

Semeru Mountain scenery along the way

When we got there, first we went to the hotel to put stuff there though we couldn't checked in because it haven't 12 pm. We used the toilet and have a look around hotel, i was shocked because never thought a good looking swimming pool there and i left my bikinis in Surabaya ;(

After put our stuff at the hotel we stopped at "Bakso President", as i told you one of the most popular in Malang is Bakwan Malang, bakwan or bakso means meatballs. It is located right beside the railroad (can you imagine how's it like when you eat there and the train coming). Most Indonesian celebrity went to this place because of delicious taste, but in my opinion it tasted so so, the one of most popular meatballs near my house is more delicious than Bakso President.

My cousin dropped me and aunty in Malang Town Square or MaTos but it's much different with Sutos or Citos because its different management. We were there for window shopping, wasted my time until we can get inside the hotel room and of course i have to find any swimwear or pair of bikini. Finally i've got it, a pair of bikini indeed and i was freaked out because it is very very cheap actually the cheapest bikini that i have, it costs about 4.5 USD (what?!) and it doesn't look tacky and cheapo. It is impossible to have a pair of bikini that costs a little money from ASOS or something like that. LOL

Rain keep falling until we got the hotel room and relaxed. I have to wait until the rain stopped, unfortunately not. Well it just drizzle after raining hard then i went swimming with my new-cheap bikini about two hours yeah i do love swimming a lot but unfortunately i have short and petite body not like other swimmers.

We spent our night just inside the hotel room because it was raining hard all night and we couldn't go anywhere :(

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