Little Escape Part.4: Bali Birthday Baby

December 7th, 2012
It was my last day in Surabaya because i would go to Bali on the night right before my birthday. I have made appointment with my high-school friend, i got chance to meet her because she's studying in Surabaya, i felt so excited to meet her. My aunty asked me do i want to meet my friend or not, sure i've answered "yes". Then we've planned to meet at Tunjungan Plaza which is quite far from the boarding house though, i went to Tunjungan Plaza accompanied with aunty and we took a bus to reached there. But unfortunately after we got there and waited so long, she was suddenly cancel her pledge to meet me (oh what a day!) then in a rush we got home before traffic jam time, because we would have to go to the airport for Bali flight.

Juanda International Airport Surabaya situation, the airport is well organized and clean unlike in Jakarta. We'd see you tomorrow it was too exhausting day i guess :)

December 8th, 2012
Happy Birthday to me!
Touched down Bali in the middle of the night, opened my eyes in the morning oh what a wonderful day would be. Really? I don't think so, i went to had breakfast and my sandal that i bought about two months ago in Bali suddenly broken, dang! Damn it i couldn't buy new sandal unless i'd ran out of money just for sandal, surrendered i've wore sneakers along the beach.

The hotel where i lived at is so unique and colorful, good services they've gave to us, swimming pool, and of course clean for cheap hotel indeed worthy, It named POP! Hotel it's located very near to Kuta Beach i could jogged and sunbath easily, what a life it's paradise!

We've picked up by my cousin's friend to Balangan Beach, it's awesome because i haven't been to that beach, it's peaceful, clean water and sands, big waves though, and the sun shines really nice to burnt my skin unfortunately not really tanned after been sunbathing there.

It was about 2:30 pm we were about starving, unfortunately we've to moved on to the restaurant. We headed to Made's Warung in Seminyak because after that we were planning to watched the sunsets at Potato Head Beach Club, they have very unique building consists of stacks of old windows, that place is so wonderful no need to regret :)

I was like loosing my mood at the moment because psst i was on period, my aunty took me to the beach to see the sunsets, i've changed my mind suddenly and went to swim but before get into the swimming pool i got surprised from my cousin and her friend because i was disappeared to change my swimwear the ice cream melted away, thank you for the surprise :D

It was the greatest view from the beach, silverchair got this song, enjoy!

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