Little Escape Part.5: The Day They Went Away

December 9th, 2012
We went to Sukowati Market to bought some souvenirs because tomorrow my cousin and aunty would back home to Surabaya. I bought pairs of shorts and pairs of Bintang Beer singlets, oh i forgot on the first day of my trip i told you that my bag is about to explode and i decided to buy medium holdall travel bag at the market thank God it's very cheap and saved my life though.

After surfed around the pretty-warm market, we were hungry and reached Seminyak again to find Warung Itali restaurant or cafe something like that. They have wonderful yet delicious Italian food i've ever tasted, obsolutely delizioso! I was ordered Gnocchi e Funghi, they've made it sooooo creamy and yummy, the other menu are served in buffet are obviously delicious this is worthy. I don't know how to tell you how much i loved this Italian food, highly-recommended!

Gnocchi e Funghi
After lunch we were hanging around Denpasar then we got into the popular souvenirs shop called Krishna to bought some snacks and other souvenirs. A bit tired though we got back to the hotel and did some little packed the bag because tomorrow i have to find another hotel to stayed alone after they went away very early in the morning.

I have texted my Russian friend, Liza to hang around with her in the night after the bag was packed. I met her then she asked me where did we go, first i wanted to take her to La Plancha because i haven't been there too :b but as i texted my Canadian friend, Aubrey, he says that La Plancha was gross and many cockroaches. I gave up when i've read word "cockroaches", ok that is the most disgusting and horrible insect in the world that i could climb on the table or chair and scream aloud when i get trapped with cockroaches and i only able to killed them with insecticide sprays, done! Then i decided to take Liza to Potato Head Beach Club, and thank God she's so excited to be in that place as long as we have chit-chatted and enjoyed the music.

Photo was taken from Liza's phone

It was 11 pm and we were totally sleepy and tired, we walked outside Potato Head to find Blue Bird® Taxi because we didn't wanted to kidnapped by ojeg or other unidentified taxi. It was so silent along Petitenget street on that night, we were scared because we've waited for 20 minutes but there wasn't Blue Bird Taxi only "pretend-to-be" look alike that taxi, we walked away from Potato Head towards the nearest mini-mart for a safe place to wait a taxi. After catched those Blue Bird Taxi, it was just the begining because we have to faced traffic jam on Legian street at midnight with many clubs along the street and many people were drunk. hahaha gotcha!


December 10th, 2012
 I woke up so early in the morning because my cousin and aunty would flight back to Surabaya that morning, i thanked to them and said goodbye take care stuff. Oh no! i was only slept about 3 hours and i couldn't sleep anymore it was crayzeeh what a sleepless day, i decided to jogged along Kuta Beach to Seminyak Beach, it was nice to see everybody jogged along the beach with their dogs, there were Beagle, Siberian Husky, Labrador, Boxer dog, etc many kind of dogs along the beach what a paradise! I wanna live here please, sure i'm gonna find a job in Bali if my parents allowed me :b

I felt a little exhausted after jogged from sleepless night, i went to Circle K to bought some bottles mineral water and snack fruit-bar as my breakfast because breakfast time at the hotel already over it was impossible to reached hotel for breakfast. Then i used to find a hotel for me to stayed alone one more night, i've got recommend from my friend, Cendy, about cheap hotel for backpacker in Bali. 

I tried to find it on google maps but it's impossible because it's located in Poppies Lane 2 which is in the small alley that we couldn't find on google maps (LOL). OK i walked too confidence a bit adventure in the alley, lost? of course! but i could find the hotel a bit easy. After checked-in and room paid, i went back to POP! Hotel and dang, i was lost!-(first) for one-half days lived there i was lost three times.

After checked-out from POP! Hotel, i was moved and put my bags in the new hotel. Unfortunately there were electricity extinguished, it was hot crazy like sauna after my second lost while carrying stuff to reached new hotel from POP! This is what i call it adventure like NatGeo Adventure's tagline "Let's Get Lost!" it was fantastic and awesome!

After had some breath, i decided to walked around Legian street while finding place for lunch, though about ran out of money, KFC saved my life! Liza texted me asked to join for sunsets at Kuta Beach that was a good idea for us who didn't know what were gonna do all alone. After had lunch, i was walking through Beachwalk Mall to find padlock and luggage tag for my new holdall. 

Before i went to hotel for a rest, i tried to find ATM that i couldn't find in Beachwalk Mall and i heard thunder suddenly i ran to Circle K where the ATM machine is, then ran in a rush to the hotel without lost (thank God). Arrived the hotel room, rain was falling hard and i was suddenly fell asleep for one-half hour before the convention time but still in drizzle.

Finally we closed the day on time for sunsets at the beach (how romantic if she was a guy, eh? LOL just kidding Liza)

After watched sunsets, we decided to had some snacks at Beachwalk Mall (again), chit-chatted and gossip always happened as a girl after time goes by i couldn't talk too much because i had to back to hotel because i was scared if i have to lost in the night and it happened that i was lost for the third time. 

Liza is one of the girl who was taking internship program from AIESEC in Jakarta, her friend, Katarina from Slovakia have homestayed at my friend's house. I have met her when i was accompany my friend to take Katarina and friends to Monas, Jakarta. Today she's already back to Russia It was nice to meet you again Liza we could chatted and gossip one day when we met.

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