Little Escape Part.6: The Balinese

Heaven is the place on earth with you
Lana Del Rey 

December 11th, 2012
Ack, it was my last day around Kuta because i will stay at my friend's house in North Denpasar which is quite far from beaches but in the middle of rice fields *heaven*. I woke up a little early in the morning because Liza told me that she wanted to sunbathe on the beach early before she went home to Jakarta, with a bit sleepy eyes i tried to text her for meeting point but unfortunately she was reading my text pretty late, ok sunbathe failed for the last :(

Little gathering life-point as i was still pretty tired from yesterday and think about what would i do after stayed awake from bed. I decided to have breakfast at hotel, took a shower then packed "again" to leave Kuta :'( 

Well in Kuta, i'm stayed at Bali Sandat Inn 2 Hotel located in Poppies Lane 2, the price is affordable on what i got, the room is so so, yeah the budget can't guarantee of bed bugs though (i found flip-dying bed bug :| ), but there are good services and nice employees. They have clean swimming pool and we got breakfast like we can choose tea, coffee, or orange juice to drink, and the dish choices are toast with egg or pancake, then we got fruit as a dessert.

After had breakfast, i took a shower and prepared, spent my time wasted in sarong experience oh i can make a stunning dress by tied up the edge of sarong. So look how's the room looks like on the photo below.

As the appointment with my classmate who lives in Bali actually Balinese too, she and her father going to pick me up but we were missed-communication i waited in Ground Zero but exactly she was waited in front of Beachwalk Mall :D

Vera's house (the big one)
Oh it was really nice to meet her again after graduation a month before, meet my Balinese friend Made Vairagya Yogantari we actually called her Vera, she was my classmate in university. She have a stunning home like heaven with rice fields surrounding though far from beaches, heaven and paradise are similar though :b

We had lunch and relaxing in her house, then she offered me weird wine i've ever taste because the wine came from Salak Fruit or known as Snake Fruit but it tastes nice and warmy. Time goes by, Vera decided to take me dinner at the most delicious seafood in Bali named Warung Subak, yeah it's delicious yet too much indeed (for dieting) and i've choose the less dishes which are rice, fish and clam but in the menu also served with completely dishes like one plate there are rice, fish, clam, squid, and shrimp. I might say this is the most tays-teaahh especially the clam!!! this is highly recommended restaurant in Bali and price is worthy indeed, i will come again someday :)


December 12th, 2012
It was my last day in Bali, i would go back home to Jakarta on triple 12 (12/12/12) but me and Vera have planned everything for today with something "sinful" then i asked her to me to grilled pork restaurat or known as Babi Guling, so she convinced me "seriously?". Well actually in my religion pork is forbidden to eat, yeah i know pork have highest cholesterol, too much fat, and they eating shits, then i decided to break my diet program in one day and tried pork just for once in my life. Vera took me to Babi Guling Chandra in Denpasar, Bali. And this is how's it looks like :unsure:

Left: pork skewers, lung, pigskin cracker, grilled pigskin, intestine, spinach, etc.
Right: banana tree bar soup with pork chopped.
I felt so full and guilt for my diet, it was crazy for too much portion only cost 35.000 IDR or 3.5 AUD, actually i don't really like it, yea how come i've ate the most junk food in the world :hahaha but the pork skewer was nice :b (n.b: just once)

After that, Vera took me around Denpasar to spent our time before we went home and off to the airport. She suddenly turned her motorcycle to Bali Art Centre. It was weekdays so the art centre is deserted by visitors, took a photo there and enjoyed the view there, suddenly i saw *mbok who sells skewers or satay, oh finally this is what i was looking for in Bali because when i was a kid i was eating skewers sold by mbok. Then i told Vera that i want to buy that food, so she asked mbok with Balinese language and she said it is pork skewers. OK i was still in one day then i decided to buy, aaaannd... honestly the satay is much much better than the grilled pork i ate earlier. :9

*mbok: call for old women, in Bali

two-thumbs up for this trip, let's go home!

Went around Denpasar city is completed, we went home to take my bags, say goodbye and thank to her mom, and then off to the airport with Vera and her dad. Before that we spent the rest of our little time on the rice fields in front of Vera's home and took some photos, cheers :)

Hola amigo

Overall the trip was fun and awesome, no more crying in the flight home like i did two months ago.
Special thanks to Kak Mimi, Aunty Endang, Elizaveta Baboshko (Liza), and Vera's family. And double special thanks to my mom who fly me to Surabaya and Bali as my birthday present.

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