Little Escape Part.3: Wild Things Are

December 6th, 2012
Checked out from the hotel and we were going to tourism city Batu, Malang. So excited because i was going to Jatim Park (East Java Park) there are zoo and theme park seperated into part 1 and part 2, and i was going to the zoo. Why did i choose the zoo? because as seen on television there are many various kind of animals like we haven't seen before for real, indeed i've just seen them on Animal Planet though, welcome to the jungle where wild things are! ;)

There are two kinds of animals that i really wanted to meet and take a photo with maybe, they are Raccoon the burglar and the narcist ones Meerkat. I've met the playful raccoon with its wheel and make-love raccoon, ah i'm so in love with them they're cute like a cat (sorry i'm a bit like a weirdo :b)

Nice to meet you kiddo, i wish i could carry you home.

It was like watching Meerkat Manor for real, hello narcist animal!

I've been there for five hours to have a long walked around the zoo, it was awesome day for my little escape i was getting tired though and finally my cousin picked us and back to Surabaya, baby. I'm too excited with them, other kiddos will be uploaded sooner or later, have a nice day

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