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Meet Nathan, he's working for foreign premium motorbike consultant company in Jakarta, we just knew each other three weeks ago. Yesterday i had an appointment with him and that would be the first time we met though. I feel like a princess, he treated me nicely and took me dinner to the place i've never been there before, he knows me better what i like about because i really love Italian food. Toscana Italian Restaurant in Kemang, it is fine dining restaurant that serves authentic italian food (craved them while typing now :9)

Thankfully i have googled it before we met, so i have to dress nice and fancy to avoid misplace. When we arrived, there are fully car parked yet they have valet parking that saved us. Ok i could see the crowd as a good sign of this restaurant. After we sat down, the servant put the napkin to us and gave us two leather books menu: the small one for beverages and the big one for food menu. Without look at the small menu, i ordered Virgin Mojito because if i look into the beverages menu it would take a long time for me to think of confusion. 

It's time to ordered the main course, straight to the point i asked Nath for the most popular dish in Toscana. One of them that i ordered was Tortelloni di Ricotta e Spinachi it is half moon shape green ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach, there were mushroom and cherry tomato at the top of the pasta. Then he asked me for the dessert later, i choosed Crema Cotta a.k.a. Creme Brulee, we picked the same dessert :) While we waited, served bread in the basket with butter dipped sauce, to avoid glut before the main course i tried to eat-less the bread because i want to enjoyed my main course.

After we ordered everything, we started again to chat about our everyday life, our interest, et cetera, etc :P Unconsciously, we have waited the food for a long time, i can't be patient anymore because i was too hungry- i wouldn't want to take a piece of bread but what more could i do? I don't know how to break the ice in the middle of silence, i started to stared around they have quite nice and warm ambience, there are many Caucasian family, friends, or couple showed how succeed the Toscana is.

Finally our dishes was coming, he has eaten Risotto, it looks so creamy and i can't imagine how can i finish those creamy risotto then i focused to my dish was spinach ricotta. I really enjoyed the dish is highly delicious (my thought is oh is this the authentic italian food? -yumm) I stared and smile at him because he couldn't take the food anymore from the creaminess, we should get the dessert then. Uh oh another creaminess, i have broke my diet that night and i wasn't dare enough to check the weight meassurement after eating all of those creaminess.

They have reasonable price for those authentic Italian food, i would like to give 'em score 9 out of 10. Nath says we should make a reservation before come to Toscana, but i don't know if we can directly come to the restaurant to enjoyed the food and kinship.

Toscana Italian Restaurant
Jalan Kemang Raya 120
Phone +62 21 7181216 , +62 21 7181217

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