Italian Food Madness

Yesterday after job interviewed i went to meet with my friend. Meet Jerry, he is an executive chef in authentic Italian restaurant in Jakarta called Pesto Autentico, he wanted to introduce his office to me which is the restaurant. As an Italian food madness i feel so excited to go there for late lunch and get a treat (hehehe)

At first i came there i was confuse because i couldn't contact and find my friend, so i decided to sit and eat alone. It's hard for me to remember the food name because they're named in Italiano, i ordered spicy wild mushroom soup and spaghetti carbonara with seafood (i exactly don't remember the name of it) after ordered, complimentary bread was coming and all homemade i devoured a little by little until my mushroom soup came.

I tore the bread in to a small pieces then dipped into the soup, once i slurped the soup and it is sooo delicous to be honest (exactly the most delicious mushroom soup i've ever tried from many places). The soup wasn't empty yet, the main course was coming hmm which one should i choose? so i get rid of the soup for the main course. All pasta here are homemade too, i like the spaghetti texture yet the taste like normally creamy carbonara nothing special, what makes it special was the small shrimps looks so fancy on the plate and the chewy squid.

I was a bit nervous because sometimes i can't eat shrimp and would feel itchy if the shrimp not cleaned well, and yes i did feel itchy when i eat the big shrimp on my spaghetti :( after all the plate and bowl empty, suddenly someone walked to my table and that's my friend (lol) i feel so ashamed because i have eaten there alone. He offered me for dessert was fruits diced pieces served with honey and plain yoghurt and there was crushed caramelized cashews on it, very simple menu but i like it because i always make something like that too but without honey and crushed caramelized cashews.

After that, another dish come was Calzone, i don't really like anyway i think they've put too much yeast so the taste was bad. Unnoticed evening was coming, the restaurant turned hectic and it's time for me to go home too, Jerry brought me a yummy slice of red velvet cake to take home. The cake taste delicious but unfortunately there was some bitter part i don't what was it maybe burnt or what.

Overall Pesto Autentico is average and i would give a score 8 out of 10. The price is quite expensive for that score and i would rather say the restaurant i've posted before is better than Pesto Autentico (sorry my friend but thanks for the treat).

Pesto Autentico
UOB Plaza Thamrin Nine, UG FI
Jl. M.H. Thamrim no. 10
Phone +62 21 2993 7230

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