Couchsurfing Experience

Couchsurfing is some kind of travel social media that we can host traveling people, surfed, even host a place to live, after we hosted or surfed we can write a references about them it might be positive, neutral, or negative comments. We will know how's their personality by people references as a consideration.

Last week (April 21st, 2013) i had hosted a guy came from Finland, he have already travelled for seven months and his last trip was Bali the place which i live now. We hung around Kuta, i took him to Indonesian food restaurant because he asked me to take him there but because the place not so comfortable to chatted and relaxed then we moved to a restaurant that i've never been there before and we were shocked because the place is really fancy :P

We utilize our fanciest time there, drink cocktail and eat creme brulle as a dessert. Killed our time chit and chat, he shared his seven months traveling stories and showed his traveling book. The one that makes me jealous is he traveled around Australia, his travel experience seems really fun and awesome. He told me that tomorrow he would go to Ubud with their friends in hostel for two days (oops another jealousy)

Our first impression is really nice and we exchange our facebook account to keep in touch, we keep chatted while he was in Ubud. I couldn't go with him to Ubud because i have to work on weekdays. It seems like a positive things that we made new people with a nice personality.

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013.
He came back from Ubud, he pick me up at my office (he's really sweet, isn't he?) when working hours ended. After that we walked across my office to the beach because my office is in front of the beach, stared at the sky with beautiful stars, i strummed my ukulele and singing. It such a romantic moment we had together, between the song we chatted again and sing again. Two hours has passed by and our tummy was screaming :P then we went to the same fancy restaurant but in different location, i thought its not that fancy because not located in a hotel, in reality still the same fancy though. Haha

After tummy filled, we hang around Legian street then back to the beach again lean back on the sand stared the stars. I fell asleep at the moment and he was hugging me that time. Day by day passing by, everytime my working hours ended, he waited for me at my office he is really nice, humorous, easy going, anything great is inside him. Unfortunately he has to go to Bangkok then off to his hometown the day after tomorrow, i feel so sad even cry :( I see now this is hows it like having summer romance or holiday romance, it does hurts but that's the reality. I hope i can meet him again in another time, really missed that funny silly guy.

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  1. seruuuu bangettt astariiii :D mudahan" ada rejeki ke bali bisa bertemu fufufu