Live My Life

Last month i've got the most terrible feeling but i don't know how express in a good way. Finally to be announced i've got a job outside my hometown which is the dream city i want to live is Bali. Terrible because i'm the youngest and only one daughter that my parents have so they weren't allow me to take the job and move to Bali. Got freaked out of their reaction but finally they let me go, because i they were not let me go i thought i wouldn't go to Singapore with my family and nieces.

Luckily me i can live my dream now work and live in paradise, i really love this place time is running so fast in here and everyday is like a holiday because i can easily go to the beach anytime i want though my office is right on the beach i feel so lucky now :) Another reason is i want to live as an independent woman, live in my own place to avoid shock when i get marry in the future ;)

I live at boarding house with warm and nice family member, the dogs, and neighbor too. My place is quite strategic to everywhere, 15 minutes to the beach, 5 minutes to party area, and many many restaurants there from various price the cheapest and most expensive ones. At this time i have try to host people from around the world by Couchsurfing. I have met several people who really nice to me and they're really enjoyed their trip with me, hosted everywhere great public places, cafes, clubs, etc. Shared many different stories from their own country, it was like a great experience to know new people out there in tourism city which i lived in.

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